Member Benefits

What are the BENEFITS in becoming a MEMBER?

  • Your shareholding in the Co-op establishes you as a part owner, entitling you to share in its profits.
  • A settlement discount of 2.5% is applicable on 30-day payments.
  • All purchases paid within 30 days earn you a generous rebate. The more you purchase the greater the rebate amount.
  • Members receive an annual dividend based on shareholding - the more shares you accumulate the greater the dividend.
  • The Co-op is setting the standard in the industry by having very efficient overall servicing standards - with emphasis on the tradespersons' needs.
  • Competitive pricing.
  • Comprehensive range of approved products.
  • Sales representatives available at all times.
  • The Co-op provides excellent customer service provided by friendly, helpful staff.
  • Members are provided with a free subscription to the "Plumbers' Toolkit" pricing software program to assist in day to day business and provide monthly price updates.
  • Exciting promotions & events.
  • You, as a member, have a say in the future direction of the company.

Example of Potential Benefits

Total Return After

Monthly Purchases 1 year  5 years 10 years 20 years
$ 5,000 $ 2,600 $ 10,800 $ 28,500 $ 85,900


$5,013 $21,400


$ 20,000 $9,800 $42,500 $112,900 $341,000


Monthly Co-op purchases are paid within 30 days of Co-op statement.

Monthly Co-op 2.5% settlement discount is deferred and re-invested into Co-op shares.

Co-op 1.5% annual rebate, on 30 day account payments is re-invested into Co-op shares.

Co-op annual dividend of 6.5% is re-invested into Co-op Shares.

Note:  Above "Rebate" & "Dividend" are actual Plumbers' Supplies Co-operative Ltd Rebates & Dividends for financial year 06/07.

Plumbers' Supplies Co-operative Ltd to defer "Settlement Discount" and re-invest into shares each year.

Plumbers' Supplies Co-operative Ltd recommends to defer "Rebates & Dividends" and re-invest into shares each year to accelerate members' shareholding.