PSC Toolkit End of Life

  • 6 years ago

PSC Toolkit Software goes End of Life in Q3 2017

Dear Member,

Please be advised that the PSC TOOLKIT SOFTWARE will reach its END OF LIFE IN Q3 2017.  

The software itself will not stop working if currently installed but pricing updates will no longer be created after 01/09/17, and customer support will no longer be offered.

Features in the Toolkit Software will be available online on NEW PSC WEBSITE as well as from the PSC APP (iOS & Android) on your mobile device. 

If you already log in to the existing PSC website to download your price file, your user account will be migrated to the NEW SITE automatically when it GOES LIVE ON 26 JUL 2017.

If not you will be able to register online if you have a recent PSC Statement.

Among the features in the new website is the ability to download, or subscribe to, a spreadsheet showing your pricing for all products or just those you purchase most frequently. 

Thank you

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